Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here we go!

Here we go.....

Halfway around the world to Africa, to those I hold so close.
They tug on my heartstrings, in harmony, with all of you I leave behind and with all God’s people everywhere - family, friends and others not yet known to me - who are all, to my heart, so dear.
So I will have to come and go and come and go again. But you should know that I love you so, and one day very soon, when our Lord returns for everyone, never again will we part. For then we’ll all be together, as our heavenly eternity starts.

I miss you already,


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  1. Just had a minute before dinner to read your blog. The pictures make me happy and smile.Keepem coming. Everyone misses you. there was a party for Teshuva saturday night. we all told stories about Teshuva. It was a roast. Mercy and Tesh danced to a song Gideon sang (it was an old favorite of theirs). They were so sweet it made me cry. A couple of clans got together on sunday in Ashers back yard....reminded me of mashem inn. Weird huh? It was good. Dossie had a word for Jerusha from psalms 107. Just to remind her Rusty is in Gods Hands and all that is happening is tailor made for them . It was good.As for me the spinal block was successful and it is a lot easier for me to get around. Not much else for now... I,m still learning how to love. and it is easier than a few years ago. God has been faithful to give me grace and better eyesight to see beyond the natural. I'm looking forward to a great relationship with Laura. We are a lot alike and that ought to be fun.I love you and dear abba and miss you. Please give my love to all my sisters and brothers in Africa. I,m praying for you all .Tell Joel to cherish his time with you and Africa. He is so blessed. I love him.
    For now 'till later anavah