Monday, August 23, 2010

Comic relief…

August 21

One of my favorite proverbs is …. a merry heart is a good medicine. God gave George a great sense of humor. Sometimes he makes me laugh until I cry.

He’s been telling us for a year what a good cook he is. We never believed him because he never did cook. We challenged him to make good on his word so he decided to cook on Friday. This little video shows the fun we had with it. Actually, it was a great meal. As you can see he had help with the prep work but the cooking was his.

Sorry the video didn't upload. Go to my web album to view video.

Now a little story about Morelle. She cooks for us every night except Sunday. She decided to play a little practical joke on me. That was her first mistake
Here’s the rerun of the August 19th blog in case you didn’t read it:
When we got home Morelle had dinner prepared for us. She greeted me with a concerned look on her face and said, “Amma, I am sorry. I dropped the chicken on the floor.” I said, “OK….” And went to see what had happened. Then she broke out laughing to end the practical joke she wanted to play on us. I let her have her laugh and then warned her that there will be payback. Amy told her I am a brownie. When you least expect it. Anyone have any ideas? Now she's worriedJ

Saturday night she made curry chicken. I taught her how to make it so she was following my recipe. We decided to tell her the food didn’t taste good. Noah Pavao would start it so she wouldn’t suspect anything. He began with, “I don’t want to be rude…but….this doesn’t taste good.” I chimed in with, “What did you do? This just isn’t right”. Morelle was shocked, we always praise her cooking. She didn’t know what to say so she just said, “I did what you told me.” Amy started laughing, Joy didn’t know what to say. Abba said something like, “There’s something wrong with this chicken.” George and Nelly watched the whole exchange. I could see Morelle was getting upset so we ended it pretty quick. It took her a while to recover. She said she was turning red. (we couldn’t tell) and her face was hot. We all laughed. Finally she said, “Amma, you got me good!” After all that there were many reassuring comments. We wanted to make sure she came back.

Sunday’s gathering
Teresa went to church with us so we brought her home for lunch. Nelly stayed home and cooked lunch for us so it was ready when we got there. After we ate we went over to Teresa’s to look at some paintings by a man named Peter. His paintings will be in an art show in New York. He gives 10% of the profit to a Kenyan ministry of the buyer’s choice. They were really good paintings. Joy bought 4 in hopes that we can sell them and raise money for our work in Africa.

Now on our way to Teresa’s this is what we saw…

 Janam Funeral Services

                                                                                      Can I help you?

Don't worry. We arrived safe and sound.

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