Monday, September 20, 2010

Safari and more....

Our safari was delightful! We not only saw the wild life of Kenya, except for the lion, but we saw the beautiful landscape and breathed the clean, fresh air of Rift Valley. It was a much need reprieve from the work, but not without it's own challenges. We have yet to go on a safari without some sort of car trouble. We got stuck in a ditch which we were able to get out of with the help of everyone pushing and pulling. But then the gears wouldn’t shift properly. We found a spot to work on it and out of the van and under it went George. Within moments a guard with a gun, and a worker came to assist us. The guard kept us safe from lions while the worker helped George determine what was the problem. We were able to drive away but not without a lot of clanking noise. We decided to go out of the park and get it fixed, then come back to finish our safari. As we were leaving the attendant said we would have to stay and let George go out and come back. Our tickets were for 24 hours in the park. They were afraid he would go out and exchange us for other tourists and not pay the price. No problem, we just went to the cafĂ© to get some chai and wait. When George returned we were just finishing our tea and ready to continue our tour through the park. We went to the top of a cliff and had lunch. Of course there were armed guards to prevent us becoming lunch for the wildlife. We saw blue and orange lizards and had a clear view of the park and the town of Nakuru from our picnic pavilion. The day was absolutely beautiful and we had plenty of time to see all we wanted to see.  I am grateful to God for His creation speaks of His Glory!

Saturday we had a Kingdom Hikers meeting. Amy and Bob Miller led the meeting giving them some practical ways to begin working together and encouraging them to take care and watch over each other. Then we went to Helen’s house for dinner. Helen is a very humble servant. Her cooking is excellent. She is the clan leader and has demonstrated the life of God in such a way that her people love and respect her and follow her lead in taking care of each other and the neighbors. She has delightful children who are happy and secure and actively contributing to the formation of the Kingdom Hikers.

Sunday was our last gathering here in Nakuru. When we arrived the singing had already started and as we took our seats we all felt a spiritual battle coming on. We didn’t know what to do except pray and ask for God’s leading. Soon Noah was on his feet and giving an exhortation which chased away the enemy. It was a strong word and was received well by all. The young kids danced and sang for us. Then the Kingdom Hikers danced. We gave out baptism certificates, said our good byes, and then gave rice and beans to every household. We went from the church to Patrick and Christine’s while George had a meeting with the leaders. After that, Morelle invited us to dinner to meet her family. We are eating well, maybe a little too well. I’m feeling very stuffed.

Today, Monday, we visited 4 homes in the Lakeview clan. I really do love going to their homes. They are so amazed and grateful to us for visiting. One couple we visited have a business roasting and selling peanut, which they call ground nuts. We bought some and had a nice snack. We asked the husband why men don't come to church. He said they have to work. Noah encouraged him to come and ask God to make up for the time spent. He told about how Patrick did the same and has been doing well since he chose to trust God. He said he would be sure to come next Sunday and really seemed to mean it. I'm always amazed at how little it takes to encourage a Kenyan. All four of the ladies we visited said they like to sing. We encouraged them to start a choir. We said we would bring Kallah next time to help themJ

We went to see Mary our “priestess”. She took us to her land where she showed us how she is building a house out of bricks made with her own hands. As we stood in what will be the living room area I told her we would come back and sit here and have tea with her. She smiled really big and started pulling things out of her bag. She gave each of us a tea cup and poured us a cup of tea from her thermos. Then she gave us each a little plastic bag and served us meat cakes. The bags were to hold the meat cakes as we ate them. It was absolutely delightful to stand inside her mud walls with the sky above us, enjoying her hospitality! She says she will be done and moved in, in 3 months. The land was given to her because of her faithfulness in serving God. She says she will make new friends and bring them to church. She will!

We have 3 days left in Nakuru. Today we visited 4 homes; went to see Mary’s land. Later this evening we’ll visit Patrick and Christine to video tape their story. Tomorrow we’ll have lunch with Petranila; video tape Petranila, George and Nelly; go to Helen’s clan meeting. Wednesday we’ll stay home and pack; spend time with visitors who drop in and meet once more with the Kingdom Hikers. Thursday we’ll wait for George to go to his court date and pray they don’t put him in jailJ Then we’ll head for Nairobi. Our flight doesn’t leave until 9:55 pm so we’ll go to a reptile and aquarium zoo to see the rest of the wildlife in Kenya. Then we’ll fly 9 hours to Paris, but, we’ll only see the airport and hopefully the backside of our eyelids for a 4 hour layover, 9 hours to Newark, then Nashville, by then it’ll be Friday with a 3 hour drive to home sweet home! We should arrive at about 8:30 pm if all goes well.

As I reflect over the past 6 weeks I realize once again how quick I am to grumble and complain. I'm learning to be still and seek God's grace. Many times I need grace from God. He has always been faithful to pour out His grace for the mere asking. How quickly I forget! I’m assured that no matter what the circumstances His grace is sufficient for me. This is a reality I cannot live without. What a wonderful Savior we have in Christ! He turns all things to His purpose when I give all my anxious thoughts to Him. I feel more free to serve Him and follow His leading in all things. Then only do I see how much I have to be grateful for. What a privilege it is to serve the living God!

See you soon! Love to all!
(I have more pictures but I can't get them to upload so I'll try a web album)

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