Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last week.... late blog post

Sometimes I go to bed at night wondering what is my purpose here? I have no doubt I am supposed to be here. Not in a way of distress but I think it’s good to examine yourself and look for guidance. So I am doing just that. 

I believe God is laying a strong foundation here. The bricks are being made ready for the building of the wall – the men, then the women will have a safe place to add an expression of the loveliness  of this life.
 For the past 2 evenings we’ve met with the leaders here in our living room. Thursday Noah taught a strong word on the dangers of kingdom life. Strongholds are beginning to be pulled down. Friday’s meeting was questions and discussion. Noah was able to impart more of what God has taught us about living a corporate life. Then Petranilla asked if receiving the Holy Spirit was evidenced by speaking in tongues. That became a lively discussion as you can only imagine. We were talking about Christians who come to church, speak in tongues but live a life of sin throughout the week. You can surely fake speaking in tongues and it cannot be used as evidence of whether someone has the Holy Spirit or not. In the midst of that discussion Elizabeth – she is one of Mary Priestess’s sisters in law and has just started coming to our gatherings. I like her a lot. She smiles and is cheerful all the time – anyway, she got up and walked out. I was hoping we hadn’t offended her. Then George followed her out and came back with her. We asked if she was offended and she said emphatically “no!”. She needed to get home before it got too late. George offered to drive her home so she stayed for the rest of the discussion and had chai with us. Near the end she made a profound statement. She said, “if you don’t have the Holy Spirit you can’t do this.” (‘this’ referring to living a life of godliness). It was so simple. That is the evidence – that we walk in obedience, loving God and our neighbor as ourselves.

Saturday morning is our ‘sleep in’ morning. We have breakfast at 8:00 instead of 7:30. Chloe never could figure that one outJ  When I got up I found Beatie and Yahshanna in the kitchen, the later looking rather perplexed. We had run out of propane so Beatie was making coals in the little cooker on the floor. Yahshana was trying to figure out how to make French toast on the little coal cooker on the floor. I came in a suggested we just put it up on the counter by the sink and use the cast iron pan thing they use to cook chapati on. Yahshana whipped up some eggs,  I added cinnamon, she added milk. I started dipping the bread in the egg mixture and Beatie took over grilling the French toast. Nellie came in to see what we were up to. What started out as a problem turned into a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Back to my purpose. I cook and clean, do some personal laundry, take care of Noah, and I’m the accountant this trip. I really want to work on L.E.A.R.N. this week, AND I need to blog more. But most importantly I’m becoming friends with some of the most delightful people in the world and I’m watching God’s family being knit together here in Nakuru, KenyaJ

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