Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Answered Prayer

Before we came this time, Noah suggested we help the kids with their schooling by sponsoring and adopting a child by paying for their school fees, uniforms and books. This would amount to about $200 a year per child. He called it L.E.A.R.N. – letting educational adoption reshape Nakuru. I loved the idea and claimed it as mine. I realize we don’t want to just do a humanitarian thing. We will need to work together with the church to make it happen. They will give us a list of names of the kids who need help. We’ll take pictures and the kids will write letters to their sponsors. We don’t want this to become simply a financial endeavor but rather a matter to build the faith of these kids and their families. They will write the letters and have their pictures taken with no promise of support. They will be encouraged to pray and ask God to send them a special person to not just send money to them, but to communicate and pray with throughout their schooling. This will be a matter of building their faith, not just giving them money.

We now have 9 kids that have applied for sponsorship. 
We will soon have many more. 

You can click on this link  http://kenyalearn.blogspot.com/ 

to find out about this program and how you can become a sponsor.

It’s getting close to time running out here in Kenya. We’ve been here over 9 weeks and have 3 weeks left. Sometimes things go slow and it seems nothing is happening. This is where we were at about 2 weeks ago. We prayed that God would make our last month here the best and that is what He is doing.

Kingdom Hikers had a great talent show. Many participated and were encouraged and excited to continue the path they have been on.
Pastors meetings have grown with now over 12 pastors from many different churches in Nakuru. They come to learn and share their faith. When Godly men get together things change and that is what is happening.
The men in the church are becoming more and more committed. They’re planning a cookout this Sunday. They want to be together more. Just going to church on Sunday isn’t enough anymore.
The women had our first conference last Saturday. It was truly glorious. Let me share with you the details of that conference……
but first I'm going to take a break from writing the LEARN BLOG. 

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  1. I like hearing stories like this, how God answers our prayers. Thanks for sharing.