Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where’s the adventure?

This is why we are here. To wipe a tear and tell of His Love.

A couple of days ago I was thinking about how things are going here. I asked myself the question, “Where’s the adventure for us? Where are the risks?”  I read a lot of missionary stories and know that if there’s no risk involved you’re probably not accomplishing much. Recently I’ve read about George Muller and Hudson Taylor and how they depended completely on God to meet their needs. Last week I heard of two missionaries here who had suffered financial loss by trusting people who took advantage of them. The loss wasn’t personal but it was money given to help needy people. We’ve visited the slums, the dump where people actually live off the garbage, and even the streets of Nakuru, one of the fasted growing cities in Africa. So I wonder what God wants from us here in our ministry. I know that God is our provider and that He will never stay in our debt. But, are we trusting in Him? Are we looking to Him or just considering our own means? I don’t know much about ‘fund raising’ but I do know how to give, how to take care of people and how to love. Not that I ever do so in any case perfectly but I am learning. So I thanked God for all He has done and asked Him to lead us into His will. Let the adventure begin again.

Yesterday we went to a restaurant and someone stole my purse. I’m usually so careful but yesterday I let my guard down. I lost some money and credit cards (we disabled the cards right away). I lost my iphone, and my Kenya cell phone, but I didn’t have any personal ID in it, like my passport or driver’s license, thank God. The police are trying to track the thief with the phones. Pray they find them. We saw them in the restaurant because there were only us and them as customers. The waitress didn’t like them and she was so mad when she found out what had happened. They were sneaky and no one noticed what they did until we were ready to go and my purse wasn’t there.…Sigh :-P  
The robbers were not bums off the street. They were well dressed and driving a nice car. The police suspect they were probably carrying weapons. Who knows what we were saved from? I feel like a burden has been lifted. My fear of being robbed is gone – although I will continue to be cautious. But I know my God is watching and will keep me in whatever circumstances come.
Otherwise things are going well here. Lots of opportunities for ministry are coming up. I’ll be speaking at a Christian ladies conference in the slums and I’m doing a health seminar on nutrition this month.
We also will do an eye clinic to test vision and give glasses. We’re working with Christine, Simon and Elkana to train them in the I SEE program.
I’ve been corresponding with the doctor at I TEC,  in charge of developing the I MED program. I offered to help in implementing the program and will meet with her when we return home in November.  These programs, I SEE and IMED, are for teaching indigenous people to be able to help their own people.
Kenya is feeling more and more like our second home. We are growing in our friendships and becoming more accustomed to the culture. I’m not as homesick as usual but I miss you all as much as ever. ….especially my darling grandkidsJ

In the garden at Johnny's boy's home.

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