Thursday, September 1, 2011

Final Days in Kenya

We're coming to the final days of this trip to our beloved Kenya. We've had many adventures, made new friends, enjoyed old friends and experienced the beautiful African landscape here in the Rift Valley. Here's a couple of collages to show what we did this weekend.

This was a competition we went to. Tamasha played, we watched dramas and a beautiful acapela choir sang for us.

We were invited to visit friends of Petranilla's. Their youngest daughter was being sent off to university with blessings, words of advice and prayers.

We spent a lot of time with the Kingdom Hikers. They have become our sons and daughters. They will make change happen in Kenya because of their love of God.

And we visited George's parent's home in the up country. I have pictures posted on my web albums.

Final plans are to have kids day Friday, September 2,  a pastor's conference on September 8th, a ladies' gathering, another fundraiser for the church building, Noah will preach at another church Sunday, the 4th, visit friends in their homes, and distribute school fees to the adopted children. (see It's not too late to claim a child. Please write me at

Please continue to pray for us. We feel your support and love everyday. Pray also for our flight home. I'll probably post one more blog before we come home.
Miss you all and we love you!

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