Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our return to Kenya is right around the corner.

We've been packing, planning, and visiting family and friends in preparation for a 6 months stay in Nakuru, Kenya.
We're excited about what God is doing, both here and there, to make us a global family. He's gathering people together for His purpose all over the world and we're grateful we get to be a part.

Doing dishes with Michelle.

Isn't she cute?

My Kenyan friends, Mary and Petranilla!

Ya never know what you'll see on the road.

That's George.....

George's mom in her kitchen.

Nellie, Georges wife.

Children singing to us.

All the people praise God!

A much needed outing to the countryside.
Me and Elkana.

See you in Africa.....

We'll keep you up to date mainly through blogs with plenty of pictures. We need your prayers and input as we continue in this great adventure! We'll depart May 1, 2012 and return October 31, 2012. That's the plan, may the Lord direct our steps.

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