Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Weekend.

We got Wi Fi in the house now so we can do more blogging and web albumsJ It will actually save us money and we can disconnect when we leave so we don’t have to pay when we’re not here.

Our weekend was full. Friday is our “grocery shopping” day. That’s always an adventure. We go to Tusky’s for fresh bread and special items, WoolMatt for groceries and household needs, and the Gilani butchery for meat. We were delighted to find HELLMANS Real Mayonaise on the shelf and Heinz ketchup. This is not something you can count on being there so we bought 4 bottles. When it’s gone it’s gone. This is one place you can get cuts of meat resembling food rather than the animal it came from so most mzungus go there. We bought a grill for the Grill Master - that would be Tabach. He did the pork chops for us this time. They were well done and nobody got sick. Asante sana, Tabach!
Saturday morning we needed a little outing so Yahshana and I went to see Petranilla with Simon’s escort service. It’s a short walk, about 2 blocks. We surprised her and she was delighted to see us. She was working on a funeral dress. All the women are buried in white dresses and the men in colors. We visited for a while. Now if you go anywhere for more than five minutes you can count on Yahshana pulling out her crocheting. Everyone wants a cell phone purse, even Simon (I think he wants if for his mom;-). The children everywhere say, “how are you?” and hold out their hand for sweeties. If you don’t have a sweetie to give you just give them a handshake and they like that too.

We went home and got ready for the Kingdom Hikers meeting. The young people are excited about the friendships they’re making based on godliness rather than coolness. They know they need each other to walk with God in the world of sin and sorrow. They are a precious gift.

Sunday was a full day. We started with a nice breakfast. Beatie did some ironing for us. Michelle took a bath. George and Simon went ahead to set up the tent and music system. We arrived at about 10 am singing and praying. Noah and George usually team preach and teach. They talked about living by faith. This was particularly important because they are losing the lease on the land and church building. They need to believe God cares enough about them to provide a place for meeting. They were encouraged to seek God for what they can do to help find a place and what they can give. I love to watch Noah and George work together. Noah gives a message then George expounds. They have truly become friends and co workers for the gospel.

We went home to freshen up a bit for the ladies meeting. When we, Nellie, Yahshana, Chloe and I, arrived at Mama Lloyd’s house the ladies were praying. They prayed, and prayed and prayed. They never seem to tire of prayer. It’s a good thing when the Kenyans pray for you. Petranilla talked for a while, summing up the message of living by faith. Then we went around the room and introduced ourselves.  After prayers we ate a silent meal. I don’t know why they were so quiet but we went along. When in Kenya do as the Kenyan’s do. Petranilla asked me to speak to the ladies. I encouraged that I see spiritual growth among them. I talked to them about staying clear with each other, not gossiping but building each other up.  We ended with a song and most of the ladies went home.

Mary Kathini
Mama Lloyd helps decorate the tent.
Mama Lloyd
We are getting tired and thirsty. We can’t drink the water and we had run out of what we brought. But it wasn’t over yet. We met with Mary Kathini, Mama Lloyd, Nellie and Petranilla to plan a ladies conference. Again they were timid to make plans. They said they wanted me to do it and they would support me. Again I told them it’s their church and they should let me support them. This is hard for them to believe they can do this. They asked if they could bring speakers from outside. Again I encouraged them to be the speakers. I know they have a lot to give and not to keep it to themselves. The talk got lively and they began to encourage each other to teach. We made a plan. They will all four teach. It was so sweet to see them encourage each other. Mary will teach about forgiveness, Nellie about worship, Mama Lloyd about hospitality, and Petranilla about being a godly woman. I had studied different subjects to teach about like the Kingdom of God, miracles etc. but when it came down to it they asked me to teach about conflict and relationships. Ok. That is what I’ll do. They want Yahshana to talk about teaching our children. It was so great to watch them blossom and open up.

We came home exhausted but fulfilled. It was a good day!

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  1. Ammah that sounded like an awesome ladies meeting. Neat to hear how they came to life after realizing they had what they need right there among them. Amen on the subjects you and Yahshanna get to share about. Tell them we believe in the life of God inside of them!