Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well, it’s Sunday and I am ready to start blogging. It was an interesting trip to say the least. We boarded the first plane to Chicago with ominous signs from the start. Although we had reserved good seats in the middle section, they chose to exercise their right to move us all the way to the back. Yes I mean the very last row. That’s not too bad except you can’t recline and it’s very noisy because it’s right over the engines. The good thing is it’s right next to the bathroom and it’s only an hour and a half flight. Ok, we can do this. I put in my earbuds and listened to Cademon’s Call and Fernando Ortego and played games on my iphone to pass the time. Now for a refreshment offered by the very southern Tennesseean flight attendant. She made her way to the back a little out of breath, to serve our preordered drinks. Just when she thought she was done with her service to all us anxious passengers we hit some ‘turbulence’ which caused my orange juice to transfer from the cup in her hand to my lap. She was horrified that such a blunder could happen to her so I reassured her I was ok, not to worry. Had I know these were the only clothes I would have to wear for the next 5 days I might not have been so gracious. Good thing I didn’t know. Ah, let the adventure begin.
We arrived in Chicago safe and sound. Safe and sound? Does that mean of sound mind? We were safe. We found our way to the number 5 terminal by tram, went through security which can be a real work out. After passing the screening process we looked for a place to eat only to discover all the eating places are on the other side of security. So out we went, found a food court and had our last American meal for 3 months. We had hoped for a nice restaurant but this terminal only had a food court. We did manage to find a pretty decent grilled chicken ceasar salad. We enjoyed our meal and went back through the security check. It is a bit of a hassle but well worth it to make our journey as secure as possible so we won’t complain. 6 hours later we boarded our plane to Istanbul, Turkey for a 10 and a half hour flight. It was an eventful flight, long and tiresome but we made it through 2 nights in one and arrived safely with just enough time to make our connection to Nairobi. Another 6 hours and we were finally at our destination – Kenya, Africa. Only to find that each of us, except Chloe, were missing a suitcase. It took some time to file the report and we were assured that our bagbags would be delivered to Nakuru the next day…NOT! It’s still Sunday and we are still waiting.
I have more to say but since I am now the only one with internet access and everyone wants to use my computer to check email I will close for now and continue this blog at a later date. For pictures worth a thousand words check out my picasa web album.

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  1. Wow Amma what an adventure and you have only just begun :-) You are always such a good sport! It's probably good that the "orange juice fiasco" didn't happen to Abba instead... LOL! Thank you for posting! Looking forward to hearing more:-)
    Love you and Praying for you