Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kwa Imani!

The gathering last Sunday really focused on ‘faith’. The words ‘by faith’ were spoken at least 100 times it seems. Not in a repetitious way but earnestly desiring the spirit to come. Kwa Imani means ‘by faith’.  The people received the message with hope and gladness and readiness to do what God asked of them. They immediately began to pray and ask God what to do. 

The next day George found a place to lease from a lady he knows. She is an honest lady and wanted to lease to godly people. There were 4 others in line to see the land and wanting to have it. She gave us favor and first option to lease the land. We can use the tent for meeting until they are able to erect a portable building. This is a short story, because God moved quickly for these faithful people. George made an agreement with her and everything was provided. We will have a place to meet until we can find something permanent. 

This is the land God has given. There will be rejoicing and praises to God this Sunday!

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