Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Africa

This year at Christmas time I find myself surrounded by unfamiliar scenes. None of the usual triggers to remind me of the things I am used to seeing – like Christmas trees, presents, lights, shopping traffic jams, men in Santa suits, parades, and manger scenes on front lawns. As a matter of fact, things don’t look any different than any other day here in Nakuru. So as I look around and remember the birth of Christ I see sights I have never seen before to remind me of the events that took place so long ago.

I see a young maiden praising God and I think of Mary’s praise.

I see a young woman with child and I consider the mother of our Lord.

I see a donkey and I think of how difficult it must have been for her to ride so many miles in the fullness of her pregnancy.

I pay sales tax and I think of why she took that journey.

I see a hotel and remember there was no room in the Inn for her to rest, to labor, and to give birth to the only Son of God.

I see flocks of sheep on a hill and I remember the heavenly host that came down to earth, to announce this birth of our King, to mere shepherds.

I see a gathering of people who love Him bowing down to worship Him and I remember the unknown faces of those who came to worship the baby born in a stable.

I see little boy and I remember the Magi who brought gifts of gold, frankincence and myrrh, to a young boy, saving Him from the wrath of Herod.

And I am filled with a new wonder! Our God’s Love is so great it has come to us again. If we will only pause to look for it each day of our lives. We are surrounded with signs of that Love.

May you know the Love that was born in the earth so long ago.
Let it be born in your heart anew this year.

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