Sunday, December 6, 2009

Work and play....

Saturday, December 5, 2009                                                                             Beatrice and Michelle

The 5th weekend in Nakuru is upon us. We are feeling a little time pressure to accomplish what we are here to do. Pray for us that it is His will and not our own that we succeed in. We are finding the balance between what we need to do and what they need to do. Together we will work as we learn to overcome obstacles of communication and culture. It will be good for us to leave and give them a chance to experience the rewards and sacrifices of this Life. Petranilla came over and we had a ‘round table’ conference to work on F.I.S.H. micro funding plans. We will meet with all the leaders this afternoon.

The young people are in the living room with Joel watching Ingathering DVDs. They seem to be enjoying it and break out in laughter from time to time….why are they laughing, who knows? The girls really liked the dance the Sundari Jewels did. They want me to teach them a dance like that. Ok I’ll try. The dvds were over so they’re playing chess with Joel. I popped them some popcorn for a snack because they are going to play soccer. While they played soccer Noah and I went to the park to make videos for the grand kids. The monkeys and baboons were fun to watch. There are the most beautiful,
iridescent blue birds I ever saw. We watched the Impalas graze in the distance while we had a cup of tea and chatted with a Massi warrior. He was there to keep the baboons and monkeys out of the café.
The clan leaders meeting went well. They are truly coming together to do the work of helping people. They are learning to put themselves aside for others’ sake. We got home a little late. I helped  Morella make the chicken curry. We had a nice dinner and we’re going to bed now. Hope you all have a nice day while we are sleeping. Much love…..Haviylah

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