Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mary goes F.I.S.H.ing!

December 22, 2009

Sunday after the gathering we met with the clan leaders and the people who were chosen to be in the first phase of receiving micro loans.

It took a lot of seeking God, talking to each other and making changes according to the unforeseen needs that inevitably arise in a project such as this. Noah, George, Nelly and I did a lot of the setting up process. We were glad for Doug’s assistance by email on the forms. We set up accounting books and made applications. The clan leaders did the interviews and gave their recommendations on who should receive the first loans.

This process took weeks and we are still making changes.The funny thing is none of us are good at financial matters, but our God is and He has led us in what we believe to be His will. We will learn as mistakes are revealed and resolved. There was opportunity to teach the people about sacrifice and taking care of each other, avoiding gossip and slander, and trusting God to meet our needs – not money. The goal is to learn to work together and help each other. Building businesses will help build the church and give opportunities to give to those who are less fortunate.

As we sat with the people it felt good to all of us. We had the peace in our hearts that made us feel close to God and to each other.

Those chosen range from good business people to widows without means to start businesses. Business here means buying some vegetables, coal, bales of used western clothes and the like to sell on the streets and to neighbors. This gives them enough money to pay rent, eat and send their children to school.

We handed out the money in brown envelopes and received their grateful slapping handshakes, hugs and holy kisses on our cheeks. I don’t know who was happier, the source or the recipients. It is truly better to give than receive.

We left the tent gathering and went to town to celebrate at Gilani’s Restaurant with Petranilla and Alice. Gilani’s is also a wholesale warehouse like Sam’s. Now Joel was in pain with sunburn blisters on his feet and pain on his back. So we decided to go into the store and get some aloe, leaving Noah and George at the van. As we were standing in the isle blankly staring at shelves full of unfamiliar bottles of lotion, suddenly from out of nowhere came....

Mary – remember the chicken story where the lady placed a live chicken in my lap; remember the story about the lady who the police broke down her door looking to arrest her for selling fresh milk, and she went on her knees and cried out to God telling them she was a priestess and they should let her go, and they did? – It was this same Mary we found F.I.S.H.ing in Gilani’s wholesale warehouse – or should I say she found us. Now catching a big fish is no fun unless you can tell somebody. When she saw Joel and I she came up to us very excited. Mary doesn’t speak much English and we don’t speak much Swahili so the communicating was in action form. She grabbed me by the arm and led me away. I had no choice but to follow. I left Joel standing there, “I’ll be right back”, I said, hoping it was a true statement. She had something to show me.

She had taken her bait money and went straight to the warehouse and started F.I.S.H.ing. She bought groceries to sell in her store.

I saw the big F.I.S.H. and I was amazed. It was so large it sat in a pile knee high and had to be delivered to her trunk with a hand cart.

She wanted me to meet her husband so she dragged me out to the street where he was looking for a place to park the car so he could reel the catch into his trunk. By now, seeing all the commotion, Noah and George joined us on the street to admire the big F.I.S.H. and meet Mary's husband.

I took this opportunity to slip back into the store to rescue Joel. He was still trying to choose which aloe lotion would be most helpful. I didn't think any of them would serve the purpose so we decided to go to a chemist (drug store) to find pure aloe. We ended up just going home and using rescue cream which did the trick and gave some relief.

All in all it was a wonderful day. We have a successful start at teaching and learning the art of F.I.S.H.ing. Many thanks to all who made this trip and this project possible with your support in prayers and contributions. Mary represents one of 18 faithful servants of God who will begin the working out of our endeavor to help those who need help here in Nakuru, Kenya, Africa!    

Missing you all. I am so anxious to see you all, but at the same time it will be very hard to leave these precious saints.  Love, Haviylah          

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  1. That was a great blog and accurately described what we were doing with the F.I.S.H. You are an increcdible woman and their would be no fish if it weren't for your tireless efforts. May God add to your ever growing treasure in heaven.
    Your adoring husband.... Me