Friday, December 4, 2009

It’s Thursday, December 3rd. We got up this morning to find out we are out of gas for our little 2 burner stove. Nelly was not sure what I would think of that but it wasn’t a problem. I just cut up some delicious fruit, pineapple, mango, avocados, and tomatoes, added a little strawberry yogurt, bread and butter, and a cup of tea made on the charcoal stove. This made a nice breakfast and we were all satisfied. Nelly said we probably don’t have charcoal in America. Yes, I told her we do, and began to describe how it comes in a paper bag that you just light to get the coals started. She was very surprised.

After breakfast we went to do a few home visits. School is out so we were greeted everywhere we went with, “How are you?”, “Do you have a sweetie?”,  “Take my picha”, “Mzungus!!” Every little one room home we visited was clean and tidy. We are asking questions about their businesses so we can decide how to help. Where to start? There is so much need. If they buy food there’s no money for their kids to go to school. If they pay school fees, buy school books and uniforms, they will often go to school hungry. When you think of how little they need according to our western standards, it is a shame we don’t give more. I am motivated to tell people who want to give but don’t know about the needs. I know people  want to be sure that they would be giving effectively. I think the generosity of Americans can make a huge difference in the economy here. We have only to get the word out. I am glad for what Dassie and Noah are doing in the continuation of Radical Outreach. This will be a timely venture that I hope will grow. We will bring back video and pictures to make a DVD.

Last night we met with the leaders of clans to make decisions about who and how to start the F.I.S.H. (Financing Indigenous Self Help) program. It seems there’s so much need it is hard to know where to begin. Please pray for these leaders that they will make the right decisions. We aren’t able to help everyone at this point so we will do as much as possible to learn how to work out any difficulties that might arise. It was a good meeting and I believe the people are getting closer to each other and learning to work things out together. Noah has been doing some good teaching and preaching. We are equipping the people to do the work here as best we know how. They are receiving the teaching and are getting ready to do what God asks them to do. We sometimes have problems because of the language/culture barriers but we are getting through. Love you all………..Haviylah
“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”

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