Sunday, December 6, 2009

Letter to Rose Creek Village from Petronilla

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Today we had a good gathering in the tent. Noah spoke from the book of John chapters 13 – 18. This was His last conversation with His disciples before the cross. We serve such a savior who went to all extremes to teach us to love one another and then sent His Spirit to enable us to do the same. We have no reason to ever doubt His love. After the gathering we gave grains to the people. This is a portion of rice and beans that will feed a family for 2 days. They were so happy and grateful! We then went to Judy’s house for lunch and conversation. Judy is our Judah in Kenya. I have never seen anyone praise like Judy praises. We came home and spent some time with Petronila. She gave me this letter to send to you:

To the church:  

Hello! My name is Petronila. Sometimes I am so amazed with what the Lord is doing. Since Noah and Ammah came for the last one month we have seen a great revival in church. We had twelve benches in a room where we used to fellowship together but through their teachings the place filled up. He bought for us a tent and 4o chairs of which the place is full again. Since they came we have learned a lot from them and the church is growing rapidly. Thanks for your efforts in sending them to us. I know know you are really working tirelessly for the work of God to succeed. Thank you again for your prayers your labor is not in vain. General will reward you. Ammah has taught us about forgiveness and repentance and also intimacy with Christ and with each other. It’s wonderful to hear all this revelations from the men of God. It’s good to be around them. Noah has taught us accountability, responsibility, authority and walking on a narrow path. That it needs obedience and perseverance.

Praise the Lord, oh Jerusalem. He is worth of all your praise!

 Please continue to pray for "Captain and General" as they lead us into war against the enemy.                   Let us follow them into battle every day until the Lord returns.

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  1. The work that has been asked for over many years has been answered by the 2 faithful ones of our Father whom was very pleased to send to feed and train in the lands of our Fathers to be built up so they to can become closer to God daily. Thank you Abba and Amma ypu true desiples.