Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Adventurous Day

November 21, 2009

Today was an adventurous day. We went to town to meet with the youth. That went well. There were 12 of us (that is if you count George who came and went throughout the meeting). We had tea and a snack. Abba talked to them about having ambition and not quiting. He encouraged them to find out what God wants them to do and tell someone. They are getting ideas for Christmas. Abba suggested a feast….. with sweets of course…. They said they could do it. I don’t know how without ovens and refrigeration but I’m sure they will come up with something. We went around the room and each one talked a little. Some told stories of how they came to the church. Simon told how he was in a group of boys that hung out at clubs and would usually end up in fights. He said you had to have a weapon, like a ‘blade’ to go there. When Lloyd asked him to come to church he didn’t want to at first but decided to go. He loved it and decided to quit his gang. He now has 3 close friends he can talk to God about. He is an awesome young man. Joel came even though he is not completely recovered - he is doing much better.

After the meeting we needed to go get some groceries. Joel wants chicken alfredo so I will attempt to make it this week. We went to the butcher first to get some meat. It looked like it was closed because there was no meat in the display but they let us in anyway. There were other customers there too. They were cleaning so the man went to the back to get our order. Then we went to Tusky’s. That is the best place to get bread. They bake it fresh every day. I got some hamburger buns too. I will make burgers for dinner tomorrow. It’s Morella’s day off. She likes to learn new recipes so I am teaching her some American meals. George dropped us off but stayed in the van with some of the young people to wait for us. While Abba and I were shopping Simon came in to tell us George was being taken to the police station. Evidently he was parked in the wrong place and he didn’t have his license with him. They were saying they would put him in jail for 2 days but he called his friend, the inspector, who came down and after hearing the story, let him go. George thinks the lady police wanted a bribe and he would not give it. She didn’t know who she was dealing with. George knows everybody. During this time we got a 'Tuk Tuk', 3 wheel taxi, to bring Abba to the station and I went home with Joel, Lloyd and Vivian. While the decision was being made Abba was praying with some of the youth that God would let George go. When they finished praying George walked out. Who is like our God? They came home. Since we didn’t have lunch so I was going to make some popcorn but it didn’t work out so I poured some yogurt mixed with mango juice. Ummm it was good. Better than a milkshake. Now Abba is having a mens meeting. George just walked in and gave me a bag of popcorn, Morella is cooking dinner – pork chops. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will have a gathering and ladies meeting.

“We pray for you, you pray for us. We need you to survive.”

Better go now. Dinner is almost ready…..Haviylah

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