Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flamingo Clan Gathering

This morning I got up at 5:30 to catch up on updates. They are posted below and are kind of out of order. I hope it is not too confusing but you get the gist of it anyway. I am learning the blogger tricks and working with a computer going down. Hopefully that chapter of this trip is over now. I stayed home and cleaned out the frig to make room for the vegetables Nelly will bring home from the market. It was a slow, quiet sort of day. That was nice. Then we went to the Flamingo Clan gathering. All the clans gather in homes on Tuesday. We will go to a different one each week. It gives us a chance to get to know people in a smaller group setting.
This is a summary of the Flamingo clan gathering:
These are the people who were there:
1. Nelly– We met her there because she comes from working at her salon. She and Pamela lead this clan.
2. Christine-Last Sunday’s teaching was about turning the other cheek. She said that teaching helped her to change today. Her son and wife came to her house fighting. The other son asked her to bring peace. The wife fought her. She did not fight back, she turned the other cheek. This is a change in her life. She left but the wife came back at her. Again she did not fight back. In the end there was peace. She also wanted us not to take George to USA yet because the church needs him here now.
3. Karalyne- She said encouraging words about George. He has given them words of Life and helps them grow. She was empty and sick but Nelly and Christine came to her house to help her. ‘General’ prayed for her.
4. Lucy- She says she stopped going to church for a long time until now. She will come.
5. Susan-Says she has been built up by the teachings. She compared what comes out of us is like and orange when it is squeezed. She used to have bitterness come out when she was squeezed. Now grace comes instead of bitterness. Her husband has noticed the change in her.
6. Alice- The Sunday teaching showed her what is most important. She closed her work early today so she could come to the gathering tonight. For her this is a sacrifice. It could mean she will not eat. She will trust God.
7. Pamela- She said she used to get angry easily. The anger is gone from her and her husband says she is a different person.
8. George- He interperets for us. He is a Godly man and we appreciate his tireless efforts to take care of us and shepherd the flock in Nakuru. He is not feeling well and thinks he may be having a malaria attack. He will take medicine.
9. Noah- Noah taught about putting on the new creation – [Galations 6:15, IICorinthians 5:17, Galations 3:27]. The teaching are really good. I hope that when we get home he will be able to teach them to ya’ll.
10. Joel- He listens and watches. He is a good sent one and a servant. We are glad he is here.
11. Haviylah- I love to listen as they speak with grateful hearts. It reminds me to be grateful as well. I am learning so much. I want all of you to know what God is doing so I pull out my note pad and try to capture their hearts in words so I can send you the message.
They receive so openly and apply what is taught as soon as the first opportunity comes along. It is a humbling experience to speak to them knowing how everything you say will be considered carefully and then acted upon. I am reminded of the words of our Lord, “Whoever humbles himself like this child-this one is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18: 4. They are like that. Many of them acknowledge that the change in their lives began when they were baptized on our last visit. That was 8 months ago and they are still changing from glory to glory.
We came home and had a nice dinner prepared by the cookJ Nelly added ugali and greens to the minced meat, fried rice, and salad. The lettuce had so much flavor. I didn’t know lettuce could taste so good. I started to clean up but Nelly asked me to teach her how to do a spread sheet on the computer for church records. She is sharp and catches on quick. When I went back in to finish the dishes, there were none to be done. Beatrice, the house girl had done them all. She is a good worker and does well with the baby too. I told George and Nelly not to let her go. They heartily agreed.
This update marks the end of my day. I will close and get ready for bed. Thank you for all your prayers. We are praying for you also.
Praying for you,
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