Friday, November 20, 2009

Daniel's visit and stories of everyday life.

It’s 10pm on November 17th. I have my computer back and it seems to be working fine. We took it back to Gerald and he got it going again. Let’s see how long it lasts?

I was talking to Nelly at the table about the possibility of moving the refrigerator out of the living room dining room area and into the kitchen. She said the kitchen was too small and I agreed she was right. But she decided to ask Beatrice, who was in the kitchen. I heard them laughing so I went to find out what was so funny. Beatrice said, “If we put it in the kitchen no one will know we have a frig.” That was funny. Beatrice has a great sense of humor. She is always making somebody laugh. I wish I could understand her more. She doesn’t speak much English.

Last night Daniel taught our people to be ambitious and not waste their lives. He told how he was raised in a very poor home and had nothing, but God gave him much to do to help people all over the world. He encouraged us to make history and to change Africa. Now we are heading out to Nairobi to take Daniel to the airport. The van is quiet. We are tired and contemplative.

I am overwhelmed by what God is doing through people like us. He has given us the desires of our heart - to reach people all over the world. He has sent us to 3rd world countries and then given us the grace to be here. There is no hardship to be endured. It is not even worth mentioning the daily inconveniences. My love for God grows when my love for all mankind is realized.

My thoughts are wandering towards God’s will for me now. I hear a lot about miracles of healing and wonder why I am not drawn to pray for miraculous healing. It’s not that I haven’t seen God do miracles of healing, even as an answer to my prayer. But that is not where my focus is. I would love to see a world without sickness but as it is I feel most useful to His purpose when I am caring for those who have not been healed. I feel like my work is to take care of those who are not healed miraculously. To be with them in their suffering and to ease their pain when I can; and to bring them back to health through whatever means is necessary and beneficial; to show the love and compassion of Jesus who cares for us and draws us to himself through suffering.

Speaking of suffering. Abba just came in from working out at the gym. He stormed in and collapsed on the bed, crying out for electrolytes. I’m glad I brought the Ultima Replenisher! He went too far with jumping right in to a strenuous exercise routine and literally passed out on the floor. George managed to get him home and now he is sleeping. That’s our Abba …. Pushing the limits again. LOL Don’t worry, he is fine.

This blog has been a series of days all in one. I will try to keep them up now that my computer is back. Thinking of all of you everyday. We could not do this without your prayers and support.   xxxoooxxxooo  Haviylah

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