Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6,2009

Update November 6,2009
A new day and we are beginning to feel like Kenyans. After breakfast – scrambled eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit [pineapple, mango, passion fruit, papaya, bananas] – we finally sat down and wrote our schedule for the next two months. We will be busy with gatherings, prayer meetings, teachings, home visits, men, women’s, youth, leaders and clan meetings. Pastor Daniel will be coming November 15-18. We will possibly be visiting the church in Eldoret and maybe Peter in Uganda. Since the house is dark, [kinda feels like living in a cave] we decided to go to town again. This time George took us to a Choma restaurant. That’s where they roast the whole goat on charcoal, then they bring it on a wooden cutting board to slice it up at the table while you watch. This time they brought out a bundle of intestines too. Everyone tried it but me. Joel says it looks like macaroni. Hmmmmm ...I’ll pass on that one… Don’t have anything to prove…lol. The meat was served with ugali (best we’ve had yet, it was moist) and a salad (tomatoe, onion, lime, cilantro mixed together). We had a nice afternoon, just resting, playing with little Haviylah, watched a funny movie, cooked and ate. Now I am ready to go to bed and read a good book. Lala Salama [good night]. Haviylah

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  1. This made me laugh, Thank you for setting this up. I love it. Love you.