Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gathering and Ladies Meeting

Sunday's gathering was great! it was good to see the shining faces of the people. Some we knew and a few new ones too. The children always make my heart sing. they are the future of the world. it is good to invest our time in their lives and it is not a waste of time to give to these little people. They gave their testimonies and were so full of gratefulness to God.

After the gathering George sent the men outside so the ladies could meet. I was planning to start the meeting by having each lady introduce themselves. Unbeknownst to me Petranilla had the same idea. She asked the ladies to stand and introduce themselves. When I told her later that I had wanted to start that way she was very excited to know we were in unity.
I encouraged the ladies to be creative, in their homes, marriages, mothering and friendships. To find what gift God has given them and to use it for His Kingdom. For examples I asked them what if: Judy didn’t sing, Alice didn’t dance, Mary decided not to be a friend, Petranilla didn’t pray. The church would be lifeless without them and the gifts they give to the body.
I talked to them about forgiveness by telling the story of the woman caught in adultery. Jesus forgave without conditions. She did not have to do anything first. He was doing the Father’s will by forgiving her and that the church must seek His will before making a judgment on a brother or sister. Gossip hurts and destroys unity. It was after He had forgiven her that Jesus told her to go and sin no more. Repentance is turning and going the other way. As we are one with Him we are given power to be His body in the earth.
The ladies listened attentively. They are amazingly open to hear and do. It is a very humbling experience to stand before them and speak. Your prayers and constant laying down of your lives enables us to do the work here. We are grateful for you and we feel your prayers.

The rest of the day was trying. My computer went down, I was tired and we were getting a little hungry. We had a big lunch so we had planned to just have popcorn and fruit for dinner. I could only manage to pop the corn. Joel asked where's the fruit, looked in my eyes and said never mind. I went to bed early but didn't sleep much. I have been reading the book I mentioned before about Mary Mozley, a missionary to Africa in the 1920's. She has been inspiring me to do the work here without complaining. I noticed that she had a cook, wherever she went. I remembered that Amy Carmichael also had a cook. What an inspiration! So I presented my inspired idea to hire someone from the church to cook and clean our evening meal. Everyone liked the idea, especially Nelly and me, so we now have a cook for 150 shillings a day. (that's about $2 a day I think). Her name is Morella and she is great. She eats with us so we have time to fellowship with her. I will send a picture later.
I will leave you with a quote from Mary Mozley:

"Take time in God's presence to be encouraged by Him and strengthened by a new revelation of Himself before facing anew the difficult way. Love is the beginning and end, the only thing that counts or matters. Not---How much have I served? but --How much have I loved?"

Yours always,
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