Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Second Week in Nakuru

It's Monday and we are ready to face the challenges. Yesterday my laptop went out again. I was unable to get it back up after spending hours with Doug and the on line with HP Advisor chat line. They instructed me to open up the back and reseat the memory card..What?????? I thought I'd give it a try. Problem is we didn't have the right size phillips head screwdriver or the dissipated bag, whatever that is, so I abandoned that effort. They told me to simly pack it up and ship it to the states so they could pick it up and work on it. Ok, I'll sleep on that one. Well I didn't sleep very well at all. I read and prayed for Noah. He has been struggling with anxious thoughts about the work here. I finally got to sleep and then he woke up. God spoke to his heart and gave him peace. So when the rooster began to crow we were both up. George went into town and found a computer repair place in the "mall" so we decided to give it a try. But first we had 2 visits to make. The first one was Anne. Her daughter, Elizabeth is one we were able to help go to school. It is amazing to me the change in the faces of the people since we were here 8 months ago. There is hope for the destitute and rest for the weary. We talked about how we could help her with her business. she sells cooked corn and beans on the side of the road. We would like to be able to invest in some of these small businesses and use a percentage of the profits to help these families and th e church. Both Anne and Pamela were very open. Pamela is the lady in the picture that Joel is giving sugar to. Joel has been an awesome help. We were in the van on our way to the houses when he asked what he could do to help. He usually is a little surprised at the answers to that question, "uh... well... you can give the sugar to the moms and candy to the kids. Oh, and would you mind carrying my backpack?" If you aren't reading his blog you might want to. He has been a delight to have. Have I said that before? After our second home visit we went to the computer repair shop. I watched for three hours as he did surgery on the laptop. it was almost like watching your child getting stitches. you don't know if you want to watch or not. He did a good job and i am happily working on this blog. Needless to say we were getting hungry and thirsty so we went to a restaurant for a late lunch. i went to the restroom first. as i was coming out of the stall i was almost knocked down by a rather large lady. she was giggling and saying, " Hurry, hurry! The rain is gonna come down, the rain is gonna come down." So....I got out of her way, laughing out loud! The people here are so full of character. They are not as self conscious as we are in America. they are free with each other and there is always lively conversation wherever you go. We came home and 'rested a bit' . Petranilla came over and had dinner with us. Then we went to bed and slept the whole night through!! The rooster is in the freezer;-)

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  1. Somewhere I read that the fan on your computer was not working. That may have been the reason the computer stopped working and the CPU chip needed to be replaced. You may want to have that checked out.