Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yesterday was a fun day. We got up late ... because we didn't get much sleep.... our biological clock wakes us up at 3 am and the rooster outside our window makes sure we stay up. I made breakfast - scrambled eggs, fried toast and fresh mango and passion fruit. The food is sooo good and healthy. Joel loves it too. I'm glad he is health conscious and not a picky eater at all. After clean up we went to town. Cyber first then stopped at a restaurant for lunch. Noah had curry chicken with which he managed to dye his white beard and mustache yellow. I am not working from my laptop so I can't send a picture today.... my battery won't charge..... technical difficulties follow us where ever we go...... anyway I will send a picture next time. Noah and George needed to talk to Joseph so Joel and I walked to Wool Matt to buy some necessary items. We got done before they finished talking so we walked down the street to the open market. I was warning Joel how they try to convince you that you reallly need to buy from them and they will give you the best deals. We didn't get past the first two booths before we had to go back. It was fun to watch Joel. He didn't want to leave so we will go back another day. We went back to meet up with the men...who were still talking...so we sat and ordered a cup of tea. by the time we got the tea they were done talking and had to wait for us. Soon after we got home Christine (warrior Queen) came for a visit. She is such a giving person. We talked about health care in Nakuru. She does volunteer work in an American based clinic. She wants to go to med school. She has 6 kids and is 32 years old.
Sorry I have to close now....I will finish this tomorrow.....love you all an miss you so much...Haviylah

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