Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Candlelight Service

Yesterday was a nice day, pretty uneventful, until we went to the meeting hall for a teaching. I sat down on the front row with Petranilla and Joel. Then the sweet little girl named Priscilla came along and sat down beside me. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes as if to say “Got anything for me today?”. I think she was the only child there. She loves to hang out at the meeting hall when we are there. I let her draw pictures and write her abc’s in my note pad. As it got darker outside Petranilla told her to go home. She got up and left. After about 5 minutes she was back peeping in the door. Petranilla sent her home again. Again she came back. Then Petranilla got up and took her home herself. We did not see her again that night but I am sure she will be there next time we come. I pray God will keep her and draw her to Himself and that she will serve Him with all her days.

Noah spent a good part of his day preparing to teach and he was excited. He was speaking about the difference between the universal and the local church and the accountability we have to each other. It was a hard concept for them to catch. They had never heard of the local church. Through illustrations he was able to help them understand. He wasn’t too far into the teaching though when the power went out. It was getting dark outside so it quickly got to where he couldn’t see people’s faces or his notes. Petranilla whispered something to one of the ladies and she left to who knows where for who knows what. Since this had happened the night before I had the foresight to bring a small flashlight. I gave it to him as he was speaking but it only seemed to add to his frustration because it wouldn’t stay on and then it wouldn’t turn off. He found a way to close his talk and promised to take it up at a later date. About that time the lady came back and handed Petranilla a candle and some matches. She lit the little candle, dripped some wax onto the pulpit, and skillfully stood the candle in. This brought a little light on the subject and George, as usual, backed up the teaching with further commentary in Swahili.

After the gatherings there’s always a lot of ‘how are yous?’ slap- shaking hands, hugs and smiles. Then we sit in the van and wait for George to check on people and things. It’s nice to have the van because we get to give people rides and we have them to talk to or listen to while we wait.

When we dropped everyone off Noah vowed to buy 4 oil lamps for the church. When we got home we ate a meal prepared by Morella (still haven’t got that picture of her yet and she just left), visited a little and got ready for bed. I always think of you all and what you are doing at your time of day 8 or 9 hours behind us. When I wake up in the morning you have had the day to write emails. I always look forward to checking my mail first thing in the morning. Your letters and notes mean so much to me.

May you have a day full of blessings.

Lala salama. Haviylah

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  1. Dearest Amma,
    I just read your blog for the first time this morning. It made me miss you and our beloved African family sooo much...I can totally picture each one you mention and all that has happened that day through your great description of everything.
    I am sitting here with Mercy, Joy and Marlene at our little Memphis yard sale. It has been fun just being together and meeting the people who come and look through our wares. I managed to find 4 blouses that fit me and look nice. I am excited...who needs wool matt when you have Memphis mall right here in your front yard. :)
    Teshuvah had his bone scan and a CT done yesterday. They should get the results on Tuesday. We are praying hard for good news.
    My day started out with a flat tire. "Oh well.." I thought..."guess I won't be going anywhere for a bit." :) Hopefully the guys here will get me going. I will be here to play music for the gathering tomorrow.
    All seem well here. Next week Ayala and family are moving in with Mercy and Dylana and family are moving in with Joel and Rushi. Mercy is looking forward to getting Teshuvah on a good diet and juice routine. She is juicing for him already with the juicer that David Parkerson gave them them to use. She juices organic carrots and organic granny smith apples. it is delicious..(I got to try a little last night).
    Well my little comment has turned into a little "e-mail". I will close for now.
    Love you tons and tons,
    Give all there my love!
    Mama Ketchup