Monday, November 23, 2009

Home visits and......billiards???

November 23, 2009

It’s Monday and we started our day with fried rice for breakfast. We went to 3 homes today. Our first visit was to Rose Anindo Ochalo’s house. She lives in a rather large 3 room house with her husband and a friend and her small boy, Abdul. Her husband is retired from a railroad job because he was injured in an accident which left him handicapped. He had a fractured leg and now has a rod in his spine from the accident. As the story goes his equipment was sabotaged by a jealous fellow worker. During the post election violence they had to leave their home and spent 6 months in an IDP camp. They had to flee to avoid danger because of their tribe. That incident has really affected the economy. People who were doing fine in their businesses before the violence are struggling to get back on track. Rose is very active in the choir at the church. I love to watch her praise God with her whole heart.

As we arrived in the neighborhood of our second visit, I saw a cute little girl holding a doll as she skipped through the yard. We went to the one room home of Dorothy Anyango. I was delighted to see that the little girl with the doll just happens to be her youngest daughter. I gave her a “sweetie” (piece of candy)and, as most kids do, she instantly popped it into her mouth. Dorothy has 5 children and is married to a Tailor. She has a little grocery stand and has just finished a tailoring course. She wants to sew for a business but needs money to get started. She was a gracious hostess and said to us, “You do well to come back to us.” (Most mzungos don’t come back a second time).

Lastly we went to visit Rose Odhiambo. She is from Uganda and lives in a 2 room house with her husband, who is a gas station mechanic, and her 5 children, including a set of twins and her granddaughter, Aquilla. She sells fabric from Uganda. She goes to government offices to sell her fabric, which is a bit nicer and more expensive than the usual. She also weaves straw mats and does a very nice job. We ordered one to bring home. We may want to sell them and/or use them to decorate in the coffee shop. Her ambition is to raise her kids in a godly way and help orphans. We had Stoney’s – the best ginger soda in the world – and “cakes”.

After our visits George challenged Noah to shoot some pool. Now Noah hasn’t played for many years but he was ready to take a shot at it. George says he is the Nakuru champion. Joel and I sat back and watched. George told Noah he would give him some lessons so before each turn he repeatedly said, “lesson # 1, 2 and 3” with each game perspectively. Noah started out pretty good but the table and balls were smaller than usual and he kept hitting the balls too hard. It was fun to watch and I am sure we will do this again. I put up some pictures on my web album for your enjoyment.

Then we went to town to pick up a few things at the Wool Matt, had a light lunch and came home. We have 3 home visits tomorrow. I love being in the homes of the people. It is a good way to touch their lives and hearts. They are always so grateful and so are we.

Until tomorrow…. Haviylah

PS I can't seem to get the pictures on my blog so please go to my web albums for illustrations.

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